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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Global modest fashion is already reportedly worth hundreds of billions and is set to scale up by enormous proportions over the next few years.

There is no one definition of what modest fashion means, but it essentially relates to having a degree of awareness when it comes to covering up parts of your body. This types of information we cannot categorise, and pigeonhole contributes greatly to the mass market's uncertainty of how to communicate with and supply to women who want modest fashion. It can also make anyone who isn't personally versed in the concept feel ill equipped to talk about it, but perhaps confirming its ambiguity can help to push the concept forward.

Women interpret requirements to dress modestly in many ways, and the way they interpret it can change over their life. “Within any one religious’ denomination, there will be several different interpretations and practices,".

Although, interestingly there are a lot of non-Muslim women who are drawn to this visual.

There seems to be an overlap of subcultures and women redefining what femininity means to them. It helps that the clothes are inherently comfortable. “It is has become apparent that a lot of women aren't necessarily aware that the clothes could be seen as' modest fashion.' Meaning a style that resonates with them."

Women interpret modest dress requirements in many ways, and the way they interpret them can change over their life.

Is it a coincidence that the oversized silhouettes like the super-wide trousers or statement sleeves; are so prevalent on the runways and in stores right now? Fashion is often a reflection of the cultural conversation, and today there are more options than ever for dressing modestly.

Once you put aside the misconception that modest fashion is only tied to religious and religo-ethnic desires, many of the experts tapped for information were quick to stress that covering up doesn't have to equate looking boring or avoiding trends.

Modest dressing is about choice, about beautifully styled pieces that resonate with the wearer and provide an exceptionally fashion-forward approach to being in-season.

“When you have got billions being spent, large institutional investors investing, and brands selling to dozens of countries around the world, it’s time to start treating it less like a passing trend or a passing curiosity but a serious sector in its own right.”

This is about contemporary, fashionable and elegant pieces. In the past, modesty was perhaps mostly covered and boring, but not anymore today. "It has change how women look at fashion. You do not necessarily have to be white, blonde and slim or black, beautiful and slim or curvy. Modest fashion is there for all races, ages, styles and sizes. Obscuring fashion is in line with the spirit of the times. Moreover, there is a whole new idea of ​​femininity, being picked up by the media. Social trends have given us a platform to showcase."

However, today the consumer is at the steering wheel. Influencers set the tone: thanks to social media mainstream such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc now people get a voice. Modest fashion stands for a mission; and have a reason to exist. Morse-so, want to be relevant and meaningful. That appeals especially to the generation of millennial. They use different values ​​and step away from stereotypical ideas. This is really a big movement worldwide, which will soon become more mainstream.

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