• Maryam Isa-Haslett


Updated: Sep 7, 2020

As we take a step into the new year, you will notice how some of our favorite trends slip in with us.

  • Calm and pastel - our satin silk hijabs are soft, minimal and yet full of impressive tones.

  • New season floral print hijabs have been a frequent preference. The pattern may represent summer or spring but certainly brings our spirit high during the cooler days.

  • From within the colour spectrum our lace hijabs are vivid which spread energy, turning head strong, smooth, try us and catch the drift.

  • Our light tones hijabs especially white throughout winter has been a hit, the key to a stunning outfit is accessories. Join the trend.

  • Everybody knows where jeans and long dresses stand in the fashion industry, pairing with our pompom or pashmina hijabs to stand out.

  • Leopard, and snake patterns cover our animal print collection inspired by the jungle or quite wildly. Our various heads love them and they are timeless, no matter the season no matter the year.

  • Gray, sax blue and burgundy. the passion common in both painting and fashion is the harmony of colors. Use your organisation when styling your outfits with our timeless various hijabs fabric and patterns.

  • Another way to make statement with our brand is to wear our viscose hijabs, warm, friendly and classy, because it captivates all attributives of a lifestyle, plus it contains various trends of viscosity

  • You will be in awe when you see what we have to offer. Dress in earth tones to blend in our baseball caps and be the highlight of the day with this classic timeless piece. Having that great day out; get into something comfy yet catchy with this baseball cap looks. Raise your intensity with this great piece and pre-pack your picnic for the road, take long walks through the forest, listen to the tweet of the trees, fresh air and regain your inner self!

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