• Maryam Isa-Haslett


This features a Hijab Scrunchie Volumiser. You may use this product as a Volumiser, under a scarf, to increase the apparent volume under the scarf / hijab. If you do not wear a hijab, you may use this product as a hair tie that shows extra volume from the numerous strings.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THE HIJAB SCRUNCHIE VOLUMIZER? We understand volumisers for hijab, this item- unlike other "visibly similar" items on the market consists of a high number of strings (average 144+ strings per ring.) This provides "double" the volume available from other generic scrunchies.

Main Features:

8 inches or 20 CM Diameter / Width

Smooth velvet feeling Material

High Recovery Rubber band

144+ Strings per hair ring, for a lot of volume

These products are custom manufactured by Maryam’s Essential, they will stand in a class by themselves. We set high quality production standards. Maximum volume guaranteed.

Main Function: As an ornament (large hair scrunchie) to create a more voluminous head cov