• Maryam Isa-Haslett


A Curvy Hijabi

Choosing the right hijab style and outfit can be extremely important, but especially so for curvy girls who wear hijabs. Here are the do’s and don’ts of dressing up as a plus size hijabi:

  1. Don’t wear turtlenecks with hijabs.

  2. For winter, select warmer material like wool or pashmina scarves that will easily keep you warm.

  3. For summer go with flow and light material like cotton or chiffon so that you won’t feel stifled with heat.

  4. Select well fitted and tailored outfits for yourself – neither go for too loose outfits nor too fitted ones.

  5. Do select small belts instead of larger ones and opt for belts to look slimmer.

  6. For a good looking outfit, the base needs to be good too. So choose the best quality undergarments to have a good foundation.

  7. Use duster, cardigans, and kimonos for excellent layering option and to keep your style modest without showing curves or overexposing your body shape.

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