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How much do you know about the different types of textile/fabric materials used to make our hijabs, shawls, scarves?


This strong and durable textile is naturally bacterial resistant. It also blocks ultraviolet rays, giving it an advantage for outdoor clothing.

Some of the notable properties are:

· Stretchy and very flexible

· Can be stretched to 4 times its initial length

· Machine washable

· Always combined with other material textile

· Spring back to original length where released

· Pin able and string

· Easily dyed


Silk also known as world’s most luxurious textures, silk fabric is stunning, smooth and opulent choice for your project. Printed silk fabric makes this elegant material contemporary. It is made from larvae of mulberry silk worm to construct their cocoons. It is also generalised term for any fabric constructed using silk yarn or grits.

Silk is renowned for its instrous appearance, fine quality beautifully drapes and soft handle. It is highly priced fabric mainly due to the time consuming and delicate process involved to turn the thread into a yarn.

Some of the notable properties are:

With a wealth of remarkable properties and qualities, silk fabric is an extremely popular and sought-after fabric to work with and wear.

· Luxurious

· Lustrous

· Strong and durable

· Smooth

· Associated with richness

· Texture ripples like water

· Drape

· Moisture wicking

· Unique and sophisticated

· Low conductivity


Cotton is a crop, which has been cultivated for more than 7000 years, and it has become even more popular now that fabric technologies allows it to be blended with other textiles, including synthetic ones, which adds durability, flexibility and luxury.

Cotton goes from crop to cloth through a mechanical process known as ginning.

Cotton is known for its:

· Versatility

· Smoothness

· Durability.

Cotton textile are measured by meter and is widely available, which makes it popular for craft and sewing projects. It is mainly used for clothing of all kinds.

Some of the notable properties are:

· Easy to care for and clean

· Calm to wear in all climate

· Breathable and moisture texture

· Retains body heat in cold weather

· Can be sterilised

· Easy to handle and sew

· Takes dye easily


Jersey is an insulation and warm knitted textile which is flexible and comfortable. It is composed from 100% cotton or from a cotton poly blend. It is either constructed from natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo liner and wool or synthetic fibres, such as polyester, rayon or acrylic etc.

The types of jerseys are:

Viscose Jersey: this version has a 4 way. Stretchy, is very soft and drapes beautifully. Made from 100% viscose.

Cotton Jersey: Made from 100% cotton with a two way stretch capability. It is very light weight, comfortable and easy to work with.

(to be continued with more materials insha Allah)

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