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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Wearing Minimal Outfits for a Leaner Look

The concept of having a monochrome wardrobe is relatively new but has been catching on like fire. Black and white pieces are undoubtedly a great colour choice for ladies who want to look slim since the combination of these two colours acts as an optical illusion and makes you look leaner by making your body outline less prominent.

Layer the Right Way

The way you layer your outfit in Fall or Winter season can have tremendous effects on how you look. So the trick for looking great in layers and avoiding the bulky look is to layer like an onion. Yes, you heard it right, like an onion! This means that you should protect yourself from the cold by wearing the thickest layers underneath and the lightest ones at the top.

Choose Solid Colours

Solid colours can give you an instant longer and leaner look. It is also practical and time-saving to choose a solid colour base, so you don’t have to overthink about matching stuff. You can even go for an ombre approach for summertime events by going with a light coloured top and dark coloured skirt or culottes.

Wear a Accessories

You might have heard this a million times, but to reiterate; accessorising is the only way to make even the most basic outfits stand out. Most of us are aware of the basic jewellery or shoe upgrades that can lead to amazing looks, but there are other things often ignored. You should always have a thin belt with you for instant styling. A thin belt or string worn in a high waited pattern will help in cinching your waist and gives you an elegant hourglass figure. You don’t want a tight or figure revealing dress, but neither do you want to look extra bulky in loose-fitting dresses and hide your waist completely. So using a belt or even string can be quite favourable.

Plain Hijabs with Printed Outfits and Printed Hijabs with Plain Outfits

When choosing hijab for a particular event, do consider your dress pattern and colour. If your dress has vibrant colours and bold prints, go for a pastel or white plain hijab. You can wear a contrasting under cap of similar colour as your dress to create an innovative style for yourself. However, if you have opted for a plain dress or colour block dress, you can always enhance your look with a multi-shaded or printed hijab.

Layer a Short Dress Over Your Abaya

A lot of times, we see short dresses, but because of our modest style, we have to leave them behind. If you have faced this dilemma, you don’t need to anymore. Layering is in these days and matching versatile pieces is the new cool. Simple get yourself that new dress and wear it over your plain abaya or maxi for a modern look. Double layering, if done cleverly, can hide your curves and yet make you look smart

Match the Colour of the Hijab with Your Shoes

If you have ever felt that panic whereby no scarf is matching your dress, we have a quick trick for you. You don’t always have to coordinate your hijab with your outfit. You can style your look in such a way that your hijab and shoes are of similar shade. This will give you a very elegant and put together look in no time. You can even match the accessories in this way so that everything appears decent and stylish.

Heels for the Win

Heels are a curvy short girl’s best friend and ofcourse tall to make then even taller, especially if you’re going for a formal event. If you are not comfortable with wearing stilettos, go for wedge or platform heels since they provide comfort along with height and a slimmer silhouette.

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