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A hijab is the main part of Islamic fashion. It is worn by women to cover their head, neck, and chest. In Islamic culture, modest women should cover their neck and chest portion. It is for avoiding the sin occurrence a woman can face in public places very often. Thus, hijabs are not only a great fashion but it is a respect a modest woman carries.

Hijabs are available in a variety of colours, fabrics, and fashions. Women wear a hijab to match a single style, choice or circumstance. The style can be different around the different countries of the world. According to the climate, time, and individuality, one can choose different types of hijabs to adorn her head and neck. With the changing mindset, it has become a great fashion now and a woman carries a fantastic look wearing beautiful and gorgeous hijabs available in our online store.

You can shop hijabs from our online store. We design a variety of Muslim outfits including hijabs, abayas, maxi dresses, long-length skirts, turbans, and loose trousers. To meet the changing demand of the customers, our designers have been giving their continuous effort to design highly fashionable items. Here is a list of hijabs, usually very common in our store::

Square hijabs

It is a type of hijabs worn by the women frequently in parts of Eastern Europe and Southern Asia. Chiffon, polyester and cotton are the common fabrics used for making square hijabs. It is available in a range of patterns and designs in our online store. If your face is slim and long-shaped you can try this type of hijabs for any occasion.

One or Two piece hijabs

One or two piece hijabs are available in our online stores. You can prefer one piece or two piece style of hijabs according to your choice. These hijabs are comfortable as well as stylish. You have a variety of these Hijabs in our online store that carries a completely different look and you have an attractive feeling wearing a gorgeous one or two piece hijab when you are on an occasion or night party.

Long hijabs

It shapes rectangular. It is the oldest, most flexible, and most popular style of hijabs. From silk, satin to cotton, from viscose, tassel to shimmer all available in our online store., you avail a variety of material when you choose long hijabs. For the long length, you can make it easy to create any shape with it. For the luxurious purpose as well as the regular wearing, you can use long hijabs and be contented.

Jersey hijabs

It is a type of hijab fashion that covers the head and neck with properly-sized clothing. They are great in weight, size, stretch, and quality. Different types of material are used to make jersey hijabs. You can choose according to your preference. From a stretchy medium-weight jersey finish style to a cotton or chiffon finish light hijab, there is a huge availability of Jersey Hijabs when you are with a unique designer. In some styles or fabrics, you don’t need an under-cap or a pin. Printed, floral, and solid-colour jersey hijabs are available in our online store.

Knitted and Embroidered Hijabs

It is made by usually party purpose or a festive purpose. These are absolutely gorgeous as well as attractive. Different colours are available in our online store with the gorgeous and elegant embroidery works. Adorn yourself with a stunning knitted and embroidery hijab and keep you different from others.

More on the our gorgeous brand will continue insha ALLAH.

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