• Maryam Isa-Haslett


Our beloved Messenger of ALLAH is reported to have said that;

“A person who has misses one Salaat is like the one who has lost all his family and wealth. SubhaanAllah.

“Salaat was the first and foremost thing ordered by ALLAH after accepting to worship HIM, and it shall be the first and foremost thing to be reckoned for on the Day of Judgment”.

Salaat is the light of a Muslim, Salaat is the best ‘Jihad', Moreover, Salaah is the key to Paradise.

Salaat ensues daily bread, promotes health, drives out diseases, strengthen the heart, brings light and beauty on the face, pleases the soul, refreshes the body, relives the mind, feeds the soul, illumines the heart and guarantees ALLAH'S fear, it grants protection from ALLAH'S doom, it keeps the devil away and brings us near to ALLAH.

What else do we need to hear before making Salaat our priority in life. Say no to Satan and start making Salaat your priority in LIFE especially offering your salaat on time and in Masjid as much as we can.

*_We ask ALLAH to aid us in our courage to make Salaat our greater priority in life_*. Aameen.

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