• Maryam Isa-Haslett


The most important thing about wearing a hijab is to be comfortable in it. However, making it look stylish is the hard part! Here are my top three material that make wearing a scarf easy and fashionable:

#1 Jersey

My number one favourite hijab material is jersey. It is perfect for everyday wear. It is a heavy and durable fabric. Also, it is easy to throw on without having to worry about pinning your scarf into place. In case your back may be showing or your shirt maybe to low no need to worry it will take care in covering everything. You can wear the plain jersey hijabs for morning runs and everyday errands. For nights out and formal occasions, use diamond beaded hijabs along the rim of the scarf. The fabric is so soft that you will not feel the heat in the summer nor feel cold in winter days. Jersey hijabs tend to be in plain colours, perfect to dressing with a heavily printed outfit. It is the perfect all year-all day wearing hijab!

Print Jersey Material

#2 Viscose

This is probably by far the softest lightweight yet durable hijab material out there. No need for a pin. It drapes around and sits pretty stable especially if you wear a flower clip underneath! Gives you unique hijab look. It is also perfect for hot summer days yet at the same time keeps you warm enough on cool winter days. Would not recommend wearing this fabric on fancy occasions. It is more suited for casual outfits. You can find this fabric in prints and plain colours. Apparently, just to warn you though for some reason there are two types of viscose. Both say 100% viscose but one tends to be stiffer then the other. The print one is super soft and the plain one is a bit stiffer. It is always good to get a feel for your hijab before you purchase it. Or you can kind of tell by looking at the pictures online.