Maryam's Diamond Style Latest Gradient Exotic Paisley Tassels Viscose Hijab/Shawls are of very uniquely glamorous, they are very soft and the season's most favourite tones that will brighten up your day. Mix design porcelain floral cotton tassel shawl.
Measures: 180cm x 100cm
Material: Viscose
Contour: Large
Keep away from the standard ways of wrapping your scarf/shawl, notice how trendy you can be when you explore with Maryam's Diamond Style Latest Viscose Gradient shawl/hijab.
Maryam's Diamond Style Scarves/Shawls is striving to be one of the world's best hijabs for the world's most powerful women.

Maryam's Diamond Style Exotic Paisley Tassels Print Viscose Hijab/Shawl

SKU: 010M
VAT Included
Colour: Adana - Red