Maryam's Diamond Style Instant One piece with face covering hijab is great solution for one who wants to look great and sophisticated while maintaining modesty. This all in one scarf which is very practical and in no need of needles and pins! The fabric is soft and comfortable made of milk fibre. Elastic under the chin makes for sure fit and can be pulled to cover up like a niqab if you choose to. Just slip over the head and you are ready to go. These types of hijabs are suitable for those who are new to wearing the hijab.Colours may very dependent on the device viewed, contrast settings etcColour: Material: Polyester and Spandex Measures: Free (One Size)Maryam's Diamond Style Scarves/Shawls is striving to be one of the world's best hijabs for the world's most powerful women.

Maryam's Diamond Style Instant One Piece With Face Covering Hijab

SKU: One Piece 04
VAT Included
Colour: Pink