Maryam's Diamond Brand Style Premium Shimmer Cotton Crinckle Hijab are a Luxurant comfort and style. They are made from cotton, sparks and spandex blend, a very soft feel which makes it wrinkle resistant and so simple to style due to its stretchy and ofcource non-slippery construction.


Our Maryam's Diamond Style Premium Shimmer Cotton Hijab collection are very light with soft touch which helps you embrace modern style. 


Keep away from the standard ways of wrapping your scarf/shawl, notice how trendy you can be when you explore with Maryam's Diamond Brand Style Premium Shimmer Cotton Hijabs.


Colours may very dependent on the device viewed, contrast settings etc


Measures: 190cm x 100cm

Contour: Long Rectangle


Maryam's Diamond Style Hijabs/Shawls is striving to be one of the world's best hijabs for the world's most powerful women. 

Maryam's Diamond Style Latest Premium Shimmer Cotton Crinkle Hijab

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Colour: Sheer - Olive