Maryam's Diamond Brand Style Khimar Hijabs are of high quality plain jersey pullover material. High quality one piece pullover, easy to wear - just pullover the head. Our simple and comfortable one-piece prayer Khimar can be worn with or without under scarf, they are made of soft viscose jersey fabric which makes them an easy and reliable way to cover up.  


Maryam's Diamond Brand Style Khimar covers the temples and neck and also covers the hands and elbows; a long, cape-like veil that hangs down to just below the hips/thighs. It covers the hair, neck and shoulders completely, but leaves the face clear.


We love our Khimar hijabs because It is a very long enough piece of cloth that drapes all the way from the head to below your thighs giving you ultimate Islamic coverage - these khimar cover more than half of your body in one easy-to-wear garments.


  • Khimar length measured from the chin:  (160 cm) approx.
  • Khimar length measured from the back: (180 cm) approx.
  • Soft Jersey Rayon (100% viscose), 
  • Long Khimar, covers your head, shoulders, and arms.
  • Includes 1 Khimar
  • Free size, Easy to wear, Fits comfortably around the face.
  • Perfect for any Mohajaba etc.



  • Colour: Multiple colour options
  • Fabric Material: Jersey Rayon (100% viscose)
  • Care: Hand or Machine wash with like colours.


Please Note:

All care has been taken for on screen colour resemblance of the items, however, 5% variation may be accepted as different monitor capabilities

Maryam's Diamond Style Long Khimar Hijab

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