Maryam's Diamond Style Pure Colour Signature Chiffon Hijab/Shawl are made with the finest quality fabric and design.  These plain signature chiffon hijabs wrap are inordinate styles in luxurious tones. The material is created from high quality chiffon fabric.


A unique signature hijab immersed lavishly with the brand name credential on one side edge of the hijab giving it a timeless piece finished for formal occasions adding both charm and grace.


With even more add of elegance, Maryam's Diamond Style Signature Chiffon Hijab/Shawl provides an injected subtle texture, super versatile whilst keeping up a look of sheer class makes it a staple.


Maryam's Diamond Style Signature Chiffon Hijab are breathable, light and soft, an essential piece designed and beautifully made to style different looks in multiple forms, either heavily accessories or super casual to enhance your style and amplify your look with such a statement piece.


Keep away from the standard ways of wrapping your scarf/shawl, and see how tren