Maryam's Diamond Style Women Knitted Luxury Cashmere Scarf are soft and plush, our women's scarves offers endless styling versatility with its solid neutral knitted tone. Put the finishing touch to any outfit with the sophisticated look of luxury. Draped loosely around the neck or tie in a classic knot. This unique piece can be worn over your coats, sweaters, suits in winter or spring.

Bring it along with you when travelling holiday or just wear it while at your desk in the office and you will never be without this lustrous accessory again


Our Maryam's Diamond Style Women's Knitted Luxury Cashmere Scarf collection are stylish, versatile, light with soft touch and effortlessly cool, this reversible double faced piece adds style points to any outfit instantly which helps you embrace modern style. 


This timeless piece can be also be worn as casual or an elegant outfit, it will cuddle you with warness and its smooth finish.


Why not get you a Maryam's Diamond Style Women's knitted Luxury Cashmere Scarf notice how trendy you can be when you explore with our must have this winter


100% brand new and high quality, beautiful and versatile accessories for the whole year. Extremely environmentally friendly material that makes you more attractive, charming and fashionable.


It is a great gift for your lover, family, friends and coworkers.


Colours may very dependent on the device viewed, contrast settings etc



Measures: 140 x 149 x 220 CM

Contour: Long


Washing Tip: (Suggested hand washing)

a) First washing, use neutral detergent

b) Water temperature should not exceed 7 degrees, after mixing detergent, then place in the water.

c) Soaked in water for not more than 5 minues, with hand gently scrub and rise.

d) Do not wash with other coloured clothes.

e) Avoid drying in the sunlight or flourescent light to avoid fading.

d) With temperature steam ironing 130 - 150 degrees, keep dry and fold.


Maryam's Diamond Style Scarves/Shawls is striving to be one of the world's best hijabs for the world's most powerful people.