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What is next for the brand? We have got big plans for for the next coming months leading to 2019 and we are determined to remain manic - focused on the luxurious hijab types. Hijab is an extension of your outfit and should be given as much care and attention as the other elements of your look. The motivations behind the luxury collection came out of a real need for formal hijab options.

In the past, hijabi women had to work individually with their tailors in order to attain an elegant, unique and luxurious hijab but now we are making every efforts to bring the luxury collection of many quality to life that are ready to wear and very accessible at the click of a button remains a reverie.

We have everyday rudimentary tacked down and ofcourse with the introduction of luxury collections of hijab category, we are offering more options for formal wears. However, there is still a wide gap in the market when it comes to hijabs for all the occasions in a woman's modest fashion looks.

Another endeavor we are excited about is extending our brand abroad by going global. While we are aiming to be the leading UK hijab brand and we ship worldwide, we are eager to have a real presence in global markets. Having lived in and coming from another part of the world, we know the hunger for Maryam's Essential hijabs is strongly emerging within that region.

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