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Updated: Jul 30, 2020


Outfits with the right mixture of confidence resembles a collage of images that fit like a jigsaw. The minimalist style does exactly to avoid elimination of purity in your style, the perfect dose of trend, confidence and glamour. When choosing our clothing, we make sure to be clear on image we wish to portray, this usually consists of going with a monochrome style. No matter how much the simplicity of monochrome makes us believe all is crafted by advantages, disadvantages may catch the eye too. Don't let this demotivate you, monochrome is a good way to spend your day in.

Monochrome usually consists of a solid colour. Just one. Its a term that annotes building bricks that form clearness and sharpness. Achieving the best monochrome look is not as easy as it seems. However, here's a little tip, wear black from top to bottom for a flawless monochrome look.

Its easy to slip and slide into casual outfits if and when going for the monochrome look. a sporty jumper and skirt can be a choice, to add colour, throw on a brighter shrug/jacket. You can achieve a minimal look with a simple but stylish pair of sport shoes.


This style is definitely a split between office and formal look! Here's a core clue on how to denote the casual in other words, daily look: to find the balance between comfort and class is essential. You can obtain a simple style with by adjusting the smallest of elements in your outfit such as combining effortless details and use of a mix and match in colour stoning.


Be it from a fashion editor, sporty wear and elegance can become one. Women who wish to make an impression yet stay comfy can do the tango with a pair of heels and accessories. Look sporty and be urban,


It may be a good idea to update the office style in order to merge it with winter months and fit with the seasons. Talking about those that want to innovate their image by making small adjustments to their right choice of details. You can adapt the following ways to protecting our office styles from Monday to Friday, day to night!

  • A hijab with patterns and a sparkling diamond style bag or purse, a great match.

  • Don't be afraid to express your wild patterns on your dressing, by establishing modern look with accessories.

  • Discover the power of extra wide cut pants and booties, they will get along just fine in the office.

  • Try different styles when wrapping your favourite hijab, every style can make a big difference with outfit you go for.

  • Choose your shoes and handbags in the same colours and you will be glamorous during the summer season.

  • Always remember to strike and define a bold and strong structure in your appearance.

  • All in all the tackier you look, the better, lifts your mood.


Infancy trendy and comfy look, most seasons favourite. They are sporty look with endless alternatives, tracksuits, dresses, skirts, pants etc in bold colours. Seasons most loved and fashion you will crave. Think about a pair of ankle length parallel string matching colour pants, signature shot ready. A modern attitude with a wide cut tunic and thin heeled boots to match, the definition of young with elegance.

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